Mapmodel for Quake III: Arena

»This is a great model that shows how you can pretty much just build a level as a bunch of models and clip off areas so people can interact with it.  I don't know how they did the animation, but it works and will no doubt inspire people to make levels based on this method.  I can see people making crazy machine levels where you have to dodge all sorts of stuff.  Fantastic timing on the animation in terms of syncing up shaders with the motion of the machine... Very cool.«
Jay Brushwood, Nerve Software

Created for the QuakeCon 2001 Map Object Model Contest which was held by polycount, idsoftware and quakecon and organized by Paul Jaquays. (»contest information).
It made first place and won me a copy of 3ds max 4.2. because the jury liked it.

width 760, length 980, height 281
vertices: 964, triangles: 1608
download mapmdl-kfengine.zip (991 KB)
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