kf_box - A night at the opera 
a mini-map-sketch for Return to Castle Wolfenstein Singleplayer 

the unwritten story: Some military leader thinks he's Richard wagner. With the help of a thirdclass author, he produces sick 'operettas' in his private theatre located at Lake Somewhere in the alpine region of germany. There are rumours that these performances involve the ignition of young ladies live on stage! For the love of art and ladies, please put an end to this monstrosity. Once you have been plugged into the theatre's ventilation system by our specialists, you'll have to continue on your own. Good luck and get yourself a haircut. 

kf_box - a night at the opera
Return to Castle Wolfenstein Singleplayer map
download kf_box.zip (4 MB)
kf_box: cinematic N 1
download kf_boxcut1-divX31.avi (DivX 3.1, 4.9 MB)
video of the first ingame cutscene: a door is blown away in slowmotion and kills a mechanic...
kf_box: cinematic N 2
working on it...
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