kfengine  info
Mapmodel for Quake III: Arena
download mapmdl-kfengine.zip (991 KB)
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kftelepod  info
Mapmodel for Quake III: Arena
download mapmdl-kftelepod.zip (475 KB)

kf_box - a night at the opera  info
a mini-map-sketch for Return to Castle Wolfenstein Singleplayer 
download kf_box.zip (4 MB)

wolfmodels screenshot1,screenshot2,screenshot3
a handy script that allows you to browse through roughly 3.200 playermodel-/headskin-/bodyskin combinations of Return to Castle Wolfenstein Single Player from within the Game. 
A must-have if you are creating singleplayer maps for Wolf.
wolfmodels_beta2.zip (58 KB)
kfisland.zip an experimental map for QIII featuring a technique to create the illusion of sea reaching from shore to the horizon. It also features a unique 'markable' terrain entity that shows bullet- /bloodmarks and playershadows ... (3.32 MB tech demo for Quake 3, no gameplay, contains .pk3 and .map file to show how its done. can also be compiled for RtCW) shot one, shot two. Btw, the architecture contained herein officially sucks ;) 
2002, karloff@unvoll.com