June 7, 2003: I recently mutated from an fps fumbler to an rts worker; company to blame: SEK; Images: ripped from fragland.net; Job: texture artist; thanks: Paul. Weather: hot. Could it be summer? deep throat  why fight  hairy animal

December 8: WIP Lounge: Tesla time, r_dlightScale 2

October 28: rendering with a provisional skin (--> 3D-View)
render o' day  temp skin

October 21: added some textures

October 12: do zombies dream of undead sheep?
smoothinggroup or not...

October 4: added the four shots of 'kf_island' below, an old experimental map for QIII featuring a technique to create the illusion of sea reaching from shore to the horizon. It also features a unique 'markable' terrain entity that shows bullet-/bloodmarks and playershadows ... well nobody cared about that in Team Arena days and until today noone complains that every Q3-engine-based game produces no marks on terrain. I do like seeing traces of my actions ;)
I was sure I had lost this data forever in 2000 � but some brave guy kept it safe on his harddrive until today. (Thanks radiated. :)
--> kfisland.zip
(3.32 MB tech demo for Quake 3, no gameplay, contains .pk3 and .map file to show how its done. can also be compiled for RtCW)

September 27, 2002:
� added video of the first 'a night at the opera' cutscene (info)
(DivX 3.1, 4.9 MB - a door is blown away in slowmotion and ends a mechanic's life...)
� work in progress: too much blood and a zombie with a t-shirt
� in case you're on a macintosh you won't be able to see zoomed pics with MSIE 5. I may fix this if you complain... 

Little box of pix 

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